Using Entable with Vim

Special thanks to Bill for these instructions:

Place the entable script in a convenient folder,
I chose the local vim extensions folder:

vmap <F11> !$HOME/.vim/entable<cr>

Use visual mode to select some text,
press the mapped key to execute entable on the selected text.

... where

vmap      map a key to visual mode
!         call external command
$HOME     environment variable to user home folder
.vim      vim's extras folder, convenient place
entable   the entable script
<cr>      execute the enter key


Define a function to which other commands may be added:

function! Entable() range
  execute a:firstline . "," . a:lastline . '!$HOME/.vim/entable'
endf " usage :'<,'>call Entable()<cr>

... where

function!               create function, overwrite an existing
Entable()               function name
range                   function handles range
execute                 execute following string
a:firstline             start of range
.                       concatenate parts of string
","                     comma
.                       concatenate parts of string
a:lastline              end of range
.                       concatenate parts of string
'!$HOME/.vim/entable'   path
endf                    end of function
"                       start comment


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